About Don Bendell

What others say about your blog host Don Bendell:

The Honorable Rudi H. Gresham, Presidential Appointee, former aide-de-camp to LTG William Yarborough, the “Father of the modern-day Green Berets,” and Special Forces living legend:

“Don Bendell is truly a gifted and eloquent writer who can articulate in a simple, easy-to-understand, down-to-earth manner. Don has been a very close friend for years and has tremendous integrity, high moral fiber, and has earned my deepest respect and loyalty.”


The late-Asa Baber, MEN Editor, PLAYBOY magazine:

“If you liked Louis L’Amour, you will really love Don Bendell.”


Motion picture/TV superstar Bo Derek, star of FASHION HOUSE, 10, and many more:

“Don is a truly skilled and knowledgable writer, and I always thoroughly enjoy reading his books.”  


About Don Bendell’s newest novel BROKEN BORDERS (Berkley/Penguin, December, 2006) from Robin Moore, best-selling author of THE GREEN BERETS, THE FRENCH CONNECTION, THE HAPPY HOOKER and many more:

“Don Bendell has done it again. With his own take on our porous borders which allow terrorists to enter the US illegally and with impunity to engage in acts of unspeakable acts of terrorism against America. The terrorists of the Middle East have found a new way to attack America. The Green Berets must now operate at home. This is a `must read’.”


Jim Morris, author of WAR STORY, OPERATION DUMBO DROP, and THE DEVIL’S SECRET NAME and former executive editor of Berkley Books:

“Don Bendell knows this stuff cold and writes better action scenes than any man alive.”


Former World Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali, 1973:

“Bendell, someday you are going to be famous. When you do, Man, always remember that the fans will make you or break you. Always treat everybody nice, and don’t never forget: Your real friends believe in you before you are the Heavyweight Champion of the World. After you’re the Champ, everybody wants to be your friend.”

CSM Billy Waugh, USASF ret. is probably the most famous living member of Special Forces and living former CIA operator. Famous as the man who tracked down and turned over to the French Police the infamous terrorist, Carlos the Jackal, Billy has been involved in Specops missions in 55 countries, including 4 face-to-face confrontations with Usama bin Laden. A highly-decorated Green Beret, he spent 7and a half years straight in Vietnam in the Top Secret MAC-V/SOG and is the author of the popular book HUNTING THE JACKAL and the long-awaited upcoming authorized biography of Isaac “Ike” Camacho Green Beret Vietnam POW who escaped. He says of Don and Shirley Bendell:

“I admire Don Bendell specifically – for several reasons – two specific reasons are mentioned below.
“Although I have not worked with Don Bendell during the many years of Special Forces (SF) and Special Operations (Spec Ops) work; the SF personnel, with whom I have worked, have told me often – “Don Bendell is an asset to any Spec Ops Group, regardless of their assigned mission.
“I enjoy the special men such as Don Bendell, for when they are selected to perform a critical part, in a very difficult Spec Ops Mission; they listen and plan well – perform magnificently – adjust their plan without hesitation when confronted with unexpected enemy reactions – and never lose their reasoning ability nor their resolve.
“I will tell you – I have found – a Hero is not ‘Superman’ for a Hero is someone whom can keep their wits about them when the odds are much against the good guys. A Hero is one who wins the day with calmness and proper actions during the heat of battle. A Hero is one who takes care of his men during major actions, and especially one whom completes his assigned mission.
“Don Bendell, as I view him – is this sort of Hero.
“Another reason I especially am proud of Don Bendell is – he is married to Shirley Bendell, and has had the good sense to remain so for many years. What a great team.”


After Don tracked a missing hiker in a highly-publicized case, after the search was called off and found and recovered his body, his uncle wrote in SPEAKING OUT Letters to the Editor, CANON CITY DAILY RECORD, 1998, from Leroy Davis:

“Mr. Bendell was kicked by the horse he was riding and it was feared that his leg might be broken. And yet, mere hours later, after a doctor determined the leg was okay, Mr. Bendell was again out at the search site. My brother was especially impressed by Don Bendell’s perserverance. I remember him saying, more than once, “If anyone every finds Troy, it’s going to be Don Bendell. There’s no quit in that man.” Those words have now been true. Thank you, Don Bendell: For believing, when others would not. For never quitting, when others seemed more than willing to do just that. With all our hearts we say: Thank you, May God bless you and your family, in all ways.”


So who is Don Bendell?

Don Bendell is a top-selling author with 24 books published by major New York publishers, and has over 1,500,000 copies of his books in print worldwide and a successful motion picture that sold to 164 countries and was written, produced, directed, and co-starred in by Don. He is the former President of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Special Forces Association, and is a member of the Special Operations Association, D.A.V., V.F.W., and the American Legion.

After serving a tour with the 5th Special Forces Group in 1968-1969 on a Green Beret A-Detachment as Executive Officer of A-242, Dak Pek, and also District Coordinator for the Top Secret Phoenix Program, he also served in the 3rd, 6th, and 7th Special Forces Groups. As a civilian, in the early and mid-seventies, he taught a combination of Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, and Kickboxing to members of the 82nd Airborne Division and Special Forces at the Fort Bragg Boxing Club.

With over 40 years experience, Master Don Bendell, is a 7th degree black belt master in Freestyle Karate, Song Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do, Kodokan Judo, and USJA Jujitsu and a black sash instructor in Muay Thai kickboxing. A 50% VA-rated Vietnam veteran, in 1995, Bendell was inducted into the International Karate Hall of Fame, and in 1996, the Martial Arts Museum of America. He and his wife Shirley own and operate Bendell Karate in Canon City and Pueblo West, Colorado. He has been featured in magazines such as BLACK BELT, AMERICAN COWBOY, SOLDIER OF FORTUNE, WASHINGTON TIMES, and has been interviewed on FOX NEWS LIVE television and on many national radio shows. His conservative editorials have been circulated all over the Internet.

Don has a business degree from Colorado Christian University, has 4 sons and 2 daughters, 5 grandchildren, and 2 of his sons are NCO’s in the Special Forces community. Don’s wife Shirley is the “love of his life” and is his business partner and a 5th degree black belt herself. He lives on the side of a mountain overlooking Canon City, Colorado, surrounded by trees, rocks, and a great deal of Colorado wildlife. He loves riding his horse Eagle in the mountains, and he and his wife enjoy bowhunting, dancing, working out, and travel. He is also famous for occasionally tracking missing hikers and escaped fugitives.

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3 Responses to “About Don Bendell”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I want to thank you for helping to keep America safe. Your service has
    been great and once again I THANK YOU.
    May God continue to bless you. Remember Jesus loves YOU.

  2. donbendellsblog Says:

    Thank you Sarah! DB

  3. Josh Dasher Says:

    Hello Master Bendell!
    I was thrilled when I was given the information about your blog. It’s exciting to have a place where I’ll have the opportunity to read some of your writing and thoughts regularly as I have always enjoyed the emails and other writings and wisdom I’ve seen passed on by you.
    I’ve began to spread the information about it to as many people as I can get hold of.
    Thank you!
    Josh Dasher

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