Opinion by
Don Bendell


            Dear President Bush: Today, as I write this, six Muslim males were just arrested as they bought dummy weapons they thought to be M16 and AK-47 fully-automatic rifles. Their goal? To enter and gun down as many US soldiers as possible at
Fort Dix, New Jersey, an American army base . . . on American soil! A few short weeks ago, one lone demented man plotted, then executed dozens of innocent college students at Virginia Tech, and how did we handle it? The American news media splashed his name, photographs, videos, and writings over and over. Why wouldn’t anybody with a grudge and a character flaw or two want to pull off a similar act? They can get their “fifteen minutes of fame” guaranteed. But now, without even watching how this plays out, I know the electronic media will barely discuss the six Muslim plotters, the very story that should get the publicity to raise our awareness.

            Not always agreeing with your methodology, I have staunchly defended, with my pen and words, you, our commander in chief, and strongly believe those in the hallowed halls of Congress should do so all the more, in order to provide a united front before all our enemies. To me, it is sickening the way lawmakers of both parties abandoned you, Mr. President, in droves and most for political expediency, nothing more. It is not surprising some Congressional members are sweating bullets over the possible disclosure of the names held by a
Washington madam, as so many in Congress are simply political whores. The TV media are their pimps.

            But Mr. President, that loyalty you most rightfully deserve during a time of war goes both ways. Those brave men and women who guard our borders trying to interdict the locust-like invasions of those who would exploit our freedoms and want our riches without the responsibilities of citizenship along our  porous southern boundary need your loyalty, too. They are always susceptible to automatic weapons fire, explosives, and stabbing by ruthless drug-smugglers, blood-letting gang members, even al-Qaida infiltrators dressed like and posing as Mexican nationals, let alone ruthless coyotes who prey upon the hopes and dreams of their fellow citizens.  Our freedoms are so great, our riches so bountiful, that we are the only country in the world building a fence to keep people out, not to imprison our citizenry within.

            Mr. President, a horrible American injustice has occurred and little children and wives, let alone brave Americans suffer while you hold in your hands the ability to correct this wrong, today. Not months from now, or weeks, or tomorrow, but today.

Border Patrol Agents Jose Alonso Compean and Ignacio Ramos — two loyal Americans of Mexican descent — spotted an illegal alien Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila, in a van, smuggling 743 pounds of marijuana into the
United States. That is drug-smuggling, Mr. President, which almost always involves weapons, lots of them and shootings. Aldrete-Davila ran and Jose Compean headed him off, while Ramos chased him. Both men thought they saw a gun in Davila’s hand, so being prudent law enforcement officers pursuing a running drug smuggler, both Agents fired.

Davila was hit in the buttocks, a portion of the body which was later  extensively used by federal prosecutors in deciding how to handle this case. Davila made it to a van and sped away making it to safety in
Mexico. It was a story played out many times with dedicated Border Patrol Agents along our southern border, but the two men did not know they hit him with a bullet.

Safely in
Mexico, Davila hatched a plan and called a childhood friend who was an Arizona-based border patrol agent Rene Sanchez and complained that he had been illegally shot and mistreated by Ramos and Compean.

Sanchez made contacts and subsequently an investigator for the Inspector General’s office, presumably one who does not risk his life daily facing the dangers of our southern border, believed the known Mexican drug smuggler, had him taken to a hospital in El Paso for free medical treatment of his wounds, and gave him immunity to testify against Compean and Ramos, and then US Attorney Johnny Sutton piled charges on against the two agents.

They have been jailed with sentences harsher than many pedophiles and even killers receive, for shooting a running drug smuggler, who was an illegal alien, and they did not even kill him, which is what Border Patrol Agents will be more wont to do from now on, since they have the message our government will abandon them when the chips are down.

If our American fighting men and women and all those charged with protecting us from another 9-11 cannot get total loyalty from their chain of command, why should they want to serve our nation, Mr. President? This ain’t a Rodney King beating; and simply looking at the facts, it ain’t exactly brain surgery to figure out. There is honor in our society and there is dishonor, and they both flow uphlll and downhill.

Mr. President, the wife of one of these men has already lost their house and their families have suffered other hardships, while politicians continue to push their individual agendas on our border problems, and the television network news media focuses on whatever is the latest sparkle, whether it be a serial killer’s exploits or the latest rantings of breast-enhanced, drug-addicted high society brat. Somebody has got to care about honor and about justice, and it must begin with you, Sir. If you want to take months to review the case and only concern yourself with the letter of the law, then you must also immediately arrest and prosecute every illegal alien in the
US to offer balance. Use your common sense, Sir, and send a strong message. I implore you to pardon Compean and Ramos today.

We can always find Americans with the courage to protect us and our way of life. That is what our country produces, men and women of courage and valor. But, Mr. President, our way of life will only continue to exist if our leaders always protect those among us who are brave patriots, like Compean and Ramos, and not feed them to the wolves. If you want your plunging poll numbers to rise again, please take this step, and they will leap, for we are all sick of weak-kneed politicos and this is a definitive way to separate yourself from the pack. Or should I say the flock?




One Response to “HONOR GOES BOTH WAYS”

  1. GARY STROUT Says:

    Don,Wow!! Your view’s are so amazeingly acurate. It sort of gives me Hope!!! There is someone in this world that has breached all the lies in D.C.with strait up hard ass, raw honesty! His name is Don Bendell. Question-Why in the hell are you not running for president?? Ranger Gary Strout,RLTW nightjump75@yahoo.ca

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