Did you ever watch a group of dogs when they get together? They are much like republicans and democrats gathered together in a setting, such as Congress. Of course, each is always sniffing all over their cohorts and enemies alike, smelling for previous dalliances, possible wounds that could be weaknesses, powerful odors which could intimidate  lesser pack members, or a possible mate. They each select a territory, as large as each dares and then mark it by peeing on trees. If anyone comes anywhere near this marked territory, then there is barking, growling, popping of teeth, and even occasionally actual biting, especially if another gets too close to the territory that is already marked out.

If a person starts yelling at me or gets very angry for any reason and begins talking disrespectfully, I picture them as one of the dogs in the pack and seldom hear their actual words. Some are little tiny things much like chihuahuas with high squeaky voices, while others, with jowels swinging from side-to-side, are like big fat Saint Bernards with deep bass growls.

Every once in a while though, a big majestic well-muscled German Shepherd shows up, intelligent eyes, and proud stance, making the rest of the pack stare in envy and awe, and they jump to his bidding when he seems to even glance in their direction. Such are the rare leaders in our government, very rare; but oft-times, many members of the pack are so busy barking, growling, and snapping, they don’t even notice that a leader has come into their pack.  Others bark at him just because he intimidates, but the rest of the pack should bark them down, yet seldom do.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we simply had a government of individuals who were more like the German Shepherd, with a quiet strength and regal bearing, who realized that in a pack like our Congress all of the males are Alpha males, and all the females are Alpha bitches. But being secure, confident dogs, eash decides to get along with all the rest for the sake of the pack’s survival. 

Wouldn’t it be nice?


2 Responses to “POSTURING”

  1. Papa Ray Says:

    Yep, it would be so nice that most likely it wouldn’t, couldn’t ever happen, except in our daydreams.

    Power and pride and just plain stupidity are the burdens that anyone in high government must contend with. Plus if a man is elected, he knows he is there only until he can’t keep his voters happy (or decieved), so he is continually looking for an advantage or to bring a disadvantage to his distractors and others that he fears.

    Then you have the few that are actually mentally disturbed.
    We have several of those in positions of power now.

    Like everyone is saying and fearing, it is going to get much worse before it gets any better.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  2. Jon Potter Says:

    Don it would be nice, but; I do not see the alpha males in government like we had in the 50’s through much of the 60’s. I seem to recall most were WWII vets back then, and; they had a much more civil tone even during barking sessions. My impression of many of today’s males is one of sissy boys. I recall my own mother telling me shortly before her death in 85 that Women’s Lib would hurt women the most, as well as the kids they raised.

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