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Hello world!

February 23, 2007

Welcome to Don Bendell’s Blog. I did not know what to write and a friend cautioned me to drop the Alpha male personna, be more politically-correct, professorial, and not offend the sensibilities of those who think of Colorado as flyover country, and view cowboys chewing “cud,” roping goats, and so on, so I simply paste here the response in part that I wrote:

“Some cowboys stupidly dip snuff or chew tobacco, but they do not chew cud. That is what cows chew after they regurgitate what they previously ate. They also do not rope goats. That is a female rodeo and 4H activity. They team-rope steers or individually rope calves. I am an alpha male and I am an American cowboy and am proud of it. I will not be something I am not so that I can assuage the feelings of NYC or LA elitists. If you feel the cowboy line under the title is inappropriate, I will try to think of a new line, but I will not pretend to be professorial so people will like me. That is why our country is so screwed up. That is why I decided to write westerns again. I got sick of buying into everyone telling me “westerns are dead.” It is incumbent upon me to help bring them back to life and to bring the image of the American cowboy back to a level of respectability, so people do not lump me in with a stereotypical image of a bumpkin that some hicks have portrayed, instead of the heroic image the American cowboy has been throughout US and film and television history. Marshal Matt Dillon did not chew tobacco, nor did Roy Rogers, nor do I. They were American cowboys, as most of the world viewed them, and I am following in their boot tracks. I still have no clue what my first entry should be like, and that was my question.”

I guess I do have a clue what my first will be. This is it, and this is me. Welcome.

Don Bendell